The Little Acre Kitchen: My New Favourite Lunch Spot

I LOVE food. One of the main reasons that I exercise regularly is that I could never diet. Life’s too short.

Now, when it come to eating OUT, I can be a bit of a fuss-pot. I hate paying for food that I could make better myself. Because of this, I’m constantly on the look out for places that I genuinely love. A couple of weeks ago, my sister told me about this little cafe in St. Ives, which is a village around half an hour away from Cambridge, called The Little Acre Kitchen. She said the halloumi fries (yes… HALLOUMI FRIES!) were amazing, and that she thought I would love it. So on a lazy Sunday morning we decided to go and see for ourselves, and OHMYGOD IT WAS DREAMY. The light blue decor and copper accents – this place was MADE for the Instagram generation. We ordered the halloumi fries (obviously), the pulled beef bagel, and the sausage ciabatta. We definitely had more food than we needed, but it was DELISH.




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