The Little Things: My House Plant Obsession

So, I’ve become a little bit obsessed with house plants recently. I blame the dreamy interior posts on Kate La Vie’s blog. I just feel like a little bit of greenery really makes a room come to life. It somehow makes everything feel lighter, cleaner, and happier! So, I’ve gone to town a little bit with the old house plants (I bought 7 new additions this weekend….oops… let’s hope I’ve inherited my dad’s green fingers!). Inside, I’ve stuck to pretty cheap and low maintenance greenery (even though my DREAM is to have a hanging pot with a string-of-pearls….). I’ve bought cacti, succulents, a snake plant, and a spider plant. We’re also lucky enough to have a balcony, meaning that I’ve been able to up my outdoor plant game too. We bought a cute little Kathy plant from the garden centre, and my dad potted up a dhalia and some marigolds for us. He also gave me a tomato plant, which I am ridiculously excited about! So far they’re doing well, which I’m honestly surprised about because our balcony seems to always get so windy!!

… I’ve just re-read what I’ve written. I’m so excited about my plants. Living my best grandma life! (This is what final year PhD is like ya’ll).





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