Heathy Recipe: The Ultimate Summer Salad

After getting some really sweet comments about my post where I shared my healthy apple crumble recipe, I thought I’d prepare another foodie post on my favourite summer salad! It’s a great little side dish for a BBQ, a yummy lunch on it’s own, or a cheap and healthy dinner option (I usually eat it with roasted courgettes and breaded fish… YUM). It keeps pretty well in the fridge for a day or so – although be warned…. the garlic does tend to get a wee bit stronger the longer you leave it. Personally, I love a bit of garlic (the checkout guy at our local supermarket once asked me if I had a vampire problem) … it tastes delish, AND it’s good for you – double win. As long as you don’t have any plans to breathe in someone’s face, more is more I say.

So, here’s the recipe. It doesn’t really need any instructions…. just chop it all up and give it a mix!

Sweet treats to make for mom (1)



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