The Wedding Edit: We got married! My post-wedding thoughts

We did it!! 


After 20 long months of planning, Aled and I finally got married this month! It was the BEST DAY ever. We had perfect weather, everyone we love was there, and everything went to plan. We got married at a beautiful converted barn in Bedfordshire. To be honest, it was a bit over our initial budget, but I can honestly say that even if I won the lottery, I would still want to get married there. Our ceremony was in a gorgeous rickety barn, decorated with twinkly fairy lights. Here is a snap I took on my phone the day before the wedding after we decorated (shout out to my mum for her epic flower arranging!).


Then our reception was in a more modern barn next door, perfect for dancing the night away! It honestly was the best day of my life – and so surreal after having planned it for so long! The thought of walking down the aisle had TERRIFIED ME – I literally got sweaty palms whenever I thought about it, and while I was getting ready was frequently told to stop pacing up and down! But once I was at the front next to Aled, I enjoyed every moment!! So, now that it’s all over (SOB!), I thought I’d write a little summary / final thoughts post on here, to mark the occasion! So let’s go:


It was worth every penny

Before the big day, I had numerous meltdowns about how much everything cost. Its a huge blow to the old bank account thats fo’ sho. I kept thinking “Its so much money for ONE DAY“, and “What if something goes wrong, and it’s NOT the best day of my life“. I wish I hadn’t beaten myself up about it because it was SO worth it. For us the big spends were the venue and the food. As I mentioned before, the venue was incredible and I have no regrets about getting married there. And everyone commented on how amazing the food was – a few people told us that it was the best they had had at a wedding (maybe they were just being polite…idk). Anyway, I had said from the get go that I really wanted our guests to enjoy the grub, so I felt glad that I didn’t skimp on it!


I should not have felt so stressed

I’m a worrier. It’s in my nature. (although apparently according to this lovely article it makes me good in a crisis!). Weddings make most brides nervous, but I was literally sick with worry. I had been stressed, not sleeping great, trying to maintain my normal busy schedule around last minute wedding prep, and then BAM! 7 days before the wedding – HELLO TONSILITIS!!!! In hindsight, it did make me so exhausted that I had more sleep in those 7 days than I had in the month beforehand, so maybe it was a blessing in disguise?! Luckily, I rested up, took lots of medicine, had a strepsil every 2 hours, and was able to dance the night away and , more importantly, say my vows! So – any brides to be out there – try not to stress too much, it doesn’t help – trust me.


Some of our suppliers were ABSOLUTE ANGELS FROM HEAVEN

I would recommend the following wholeheartedly in case anyone’s on the lookout:

Our Photographer: Megan is amazing. I can’t rave about her enough. In fact I have already on multiple social media outlets. She made us feel so relaxed, meaning we got beautiful and not-at-all-awkward photos. She also really went the extra mile for us – from helping the boys tie their ties, to sneakily editing some photos from the ceremony while we had dinner so that our evening guests could see the ceremony. She’s sent through 50+ preview shots the day after the wedding (which are the ones used in this post!), and I CANNOT WAIT to see the rest. She’s a magnificent wizard.

Our Hair and Makeup Team: Kerry and Alison were fab. They kept me so calm while I was getting ready. I did most of my make up myself, but when I had a flap, Allison was a hero and stepped in to do my eyeshadow and liner (NOTE TO BRIDES: Even if you can do liquid liner normally, on your wedding day you JUST CANT. It’s a scientific fact). I was so happy with my wedding hair by Kerry – I basically showed her a pinterest board and she nailed it first go.

Our Florist: Juliette is amazing. She came recommended by a friend of a friend, and I couldn’t have asked for any more from her. I adored our bouquets – they were everything I imagined they would be. She also sourced our favours for us – we gave everyone little succulents which were a huge hit – nearly all were claimed at the end of the night! Although having to keep them alive for the week running up to the wedding wasn’t fun – I’ve never been so attentive towards plants before … this was my windowsill:


Our photo-booth guys: I still have no idea when these guys set up. They were so professional (I remember someone saying to me it was the most professional photobooth they had ever seen). They also let us send them our design for the photos, so that it matched the rest of our wedding stationary which we had designed ourselves – anyone that knows me will appreciate how much the continuity meant to me, haha!


I’m glad my sister made me have a cake

You may remember from my previous wedding post that I wasn’t going to have a cake to cut costs, but my big sister insisted I have one. So much so that she organised it all and decorated it herself! She did an amazing job – 3 people asked her if it was her profession! If we hadn’t had one, I’m not sure I would have necessarily missed it. But now that we did have it- I’m so glad that we had the ‘cutting the cake’ moment. It marked the start of the evening festivities! We also froze the top tier, to have on our 1-year anniversary. Seriously tho – how did she make it look this good?!



So, any regrets?

That I had a wedding day, and not a wedding week?! Haha, only kidding. It just went so quickly – all day I remember thinking

“how is it time for the ceremony?

now the cermonys over!

what? it’s dinner time already?!


One thing I really do regret is not having a videographer for the ceremony. I didn’t think about this before hand, but as the bride, you miss everything! You don’t get to see your guests reaction to the venue, you don’t get to hear the playlists you prepared, you don’t get to see your bridesmaids walk down the aisle, and you don’t get to see how people react during the ceremony.


So, a few thoughts for fellow brides out there

  1. Take extra shoes for dancing – my toes LITERALLY went blue in my wedding shoes. I had changed out of those bad boys before we even had dinner
  2. Add a personal touch if you can – during our ceremony, one of my best friends did a reading and another sang while we signed the register – they both brought tears to my eyes it was so special!
  3. Order extra wedding certificates if you want to change your name – this is a bit of a boring one, but so many places want you to send an original. There are MANY places you need to contact : think passport / driving licence / bank / council / work / pensions / doctors / dentist / phone company / car insurance I COULD GO ON. I literally ordered 5 certificates! They’re much cheaper if you request them before the ceremony.
  4. Consider a minimoon – we spent a night in an amazing hotel in the Cotswolds after the wedding as a minimoon (post coming up soon!). I’m really glad we have delayed our honeymoon because :
    a) I was ill – travelling far would not have helped this
    b) after the wedding day, all you want to do is think about the wedding day, not worry about travelling
    c) I didn’t have to worry about changing my name before the wedding
    d) I have something to look forward to – this helps with the inevitable post-wedding blues
  5. Finally, ENJOY AND SAVOUR IT ALL. This was the one piece of advice multiple people gave me. It goes so fast, and I’m glad that throughout the day I occasionally took a moment to just breathe it all in!

So that’s it! It’s all over 😦 Hope you enjoyed my rambley post! xxx



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