We adopted a fur baby! Meet our new fluffball

Meet Meier!

(pronounced Maya – her first cat dad has Swiss-German roots, and she’s named after his old neighbour!). 


Meier is a Lilac British Shorthair – I’ve always really wanted a shorthair – ever since watching the McVities advert really. Their teddybear looks and sweet easy-going nature made me fall in love with them. I originally went to see Meier’s breeder (who runs a cattery and is a hobby breeder of British Shorthairs) to talk to her about a kitten. But then I met Meier – a breeding queen who was looking for her forever home. When we went to visit Meier, it was immediately pointed out to us that she isn’t the ‘prettiest’ of the bunch (which I think adds to her charm). Having multiple litters takes it’s toll on female cats, and they aren’t able to really blossom until they’ve been neutered. It was Meiers wonderful laid back and affectionate personality that made us fall in love with her. And although she may not be able to make show champion – we think she’s gorgeous!





Meier’s defining personality trait is that she is EXTREMELY LAZY. Like, REALLY lazy. Apparently she always has been, even as a kitten! She has three beds here and basically spends her day moving between them. Even though sleep is her favourite hobby, she gets a burst of energy once or twice a day, and for those precious few minutes she loves to play and pounce on her toys. Meier is also an extremely affectionate cat – she loves a snuggle (you can cradle her like a baby… the dream!), and she always has a paw on me and pads her feet on my arm or leg … sometimes im not sure who is petting who.  Every night when we eat dinner she watches me cook from my chair, and when it’s time to eat scootches over a bit so I can join her ❤ When we took her to the vet recently, we were told that retired breeding cats are normally vicious – the vet said she couldn’t believe how snuggly Meier was! [I was a proud cat mum… even though I can’t take any credit for her good behaviour]





Meier is such an easy cat – she doesn’t make a mess, and she uses ALL the cat paraphernalia we bought her. She loves her scratchy posts and, as mentioned above, her many MANY beds. She also happens to adore being brushed (handy considering british shorthairs have the most dense coats of all cat breeds), is happy to have her claws trimmed, and lets me wipe off her eye bogies (another shorthair trait) on the daily. Meier is also an only cat, and I can 100% say she is happiest that way. I know this because I tried to give her a feline friend. We originally wanted to adopt her daughter Dora too (a BEAUTIFUL shorthair, with meiers loving personality and show-grade looks).  Below is a rare picture I got where both of them were in shot (note that Meier is asleep and therefore unaware of Dora’s presence). Although we fell in love with Dora…. Meier didn’t. It was such a shame because when Dora was a kitten, Meier really doted on her. After a few fights, we decided that it wouldn’t be fair to keep Dora when we knew she would be much happier being re-homed with another cat who likes her, and will play with her (neither of which Meier will do). I’d still love to own a shorthair kitten one day…. they do say cats are more likely to accept another cat if it’s a kitten….. so we’ll see. But for now, we couldn’t be happier with our little snuggly fluff ball.




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