We bought our first home!

I can’t quite believe I’m writing this post, it feels like it’s been a long time coming, but we have bought our first home! Argh! I feel like over the last 6 months we’ve felt all the emotions – excitement, happiness, fear, stress, disappointment, relief… all of it! But we are finally in, and I’m typing this post as I sit out on our sunny patio in our GARDEN (omg we have a garden!).

We started our housebuying journey in November, and it has been a LEARNING CURVE. We had to learn about mortgages, rates, surveys, searches, etc etc. This is actually the second house we put an offer in on – we had to pull out of the first one due to a load of structural issues (thank god for the homebuyers report), and we were DEVASTATED when it fell through. But as they say, everything happens for a reason, and it all worked out for the best as now we are in an even lovelier house.

We’ve taken just over a week off work to start some renovation work, and I feel so happy with the progress we have made so far. I’ve been trying to document our journey on insta stories (theres a house highlight!), but I want to capture it on here as well so that we can look back on it years down the line. We plan to make the place our own over the next couple of years, and also add some value by hopefully building a downstairs shower room. So hopefully it will be an eventful journey!

The biggest thing we have had to tackle was the heating system –  we knew the boiler was old (i‘m talking original, 70’s, big loud box) but were a little shocked when the radiator valve broke off in our had as we tried to test the central heating! So my hero of a brother in law drove down all the way from Wales, and he replaced all our radiators, completely re-piped our oil tank, and even replaced our boiler… all in two days! I have no idea how he did it. He is a magnificent wizard and we are so so so grateful.

Decor-wise, we have decided to keep the kitchen and bathroom roughly as they are for now, since they’ve been decorated recently and so are fairly low down on our list of priorities. My mum spent THREE days cleaning the bathroom, and now it looks sparkly and new! We also gave the kitchen a little refresh by painting the walls a cool grey (I frikin’ HATE magnolia), applying a little grout reviver, and sanding back all of the worktops and re-oiling them (sidenote- when we eventually re-do the kitchen, no WAY will I ever have real wood worktops… faffy AF). We also bought all new appliances because the previous owners took all of theirs (helpful), which was a bit of a hit financially but means we have a nice new oven! We’ve also painted the two smaller bedrooms, and we have temporarily moved into the spare room so we can take our time planning the master bedroom to be exactly how we want it. Next up decor wise will be the living room, which is a bit of a state at the moment, but we have big plans to make it lovely and cosy! I’m not gona lie, when I think about decor plans my primary focus is how to make it amazing at Christmas time…. is that weird?

One of the reasons that we fell in love with this house was the outdoor space. We have a really good sized garden, and my dad has already mowed the lawn for us and pressure washed the patio, which has made such a difference! I can’t wait to set up a couple of planters and start growing veggies! We’re also hoping to buy some garden furniture in the next couple of months, so we can have big summer BBQs with the family (who have bought us a BBQ as a housewarming gift – how incredible is that?!)

It hasn’t all been smooth sailing though. Deliveries-wise, the guys from AO smashed up our oven, so I’ve been cooking on a little induction hob for a week. That day was probably the hardest for me looking back… I hadn’t slept properly for days, had a vicious migraine that morning, and then watched my cooker crumple and had to deal with a terrible customer service advisor on the phone! However, having said that, I ended that day feeling so grateful – my husband took over figuring out our replacement oven when I couldn’t deal with it anymore, and my mum and dad arrived armed with a portable hob and home-cooked meals for the freezer. Thank GOD for family!

The other problem we’ve had is DIRT. When we moved in the house was GROSS. And we recently discovered it has fleas! I had noticed a few bites, but to honest I figured it was just midges since we’re now living in the countryside. But then we moved our little fur baby in and realised fairly quickly it was fleas. It’s so devastating that our cat (who has been an indoor flea-free cat all her life) has had to suffer because the previous owners didn’t care for their cat properly. I went on a little rant and flea-killing-spree on my insta stories… but long story short, don’t have a pet if you can’t look after it properly! Anyway, we are on our way to being free from fleas…. flea freedom…. fleadom if you will. I went to TOWN spraying down the house to wipe out all of our insect squatters, the cat has been treated, and my new steam cleaner has arrived so I can start boiling the little creeps!

I’m so excited to gradually make this house feel like a home. My new oven arrived as I was typing out this post, and I’m so excited for family dinners, afternoons pottering in the garden, and cozy nights in front of the wood stove. Here are a couple of phone snaps of what we’ve done so far! 


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