One of the things I’m really struggling with during the lockdown is the fact that we can’t travel. For me, my mind only seems to truly switch off when I’m exploring somewhere new. Travelling is my way of hitting my mental ‘refresh’ button. It’s almost as though by processing more immediate physical decisions like “which route should we hike?”, “how am I going to climb up this trail without hurting myself?!” or even “what shall I pick for my lunch?” distracts my brain from the day-to-day “what if?” worries. Last week we took a little staycation in Wales, and it did me the world of good! We went to visit some family, but since we couldn’t stay with them thanks to the lockdown, we decided to make the most of the situation and go glamping! (Disclaimer: I’m not sure this counts as glamping… I feel like that is quite a broad term…. we had a shower and a bed… so maybe not?! Oh well.) We stayed in a beautiful little hut in the field of a farm, called Cae Manal. The lodge was made from an old railway carriage, and was equipped with all the amenities you could want (gas hob, fridge, a shower with better water pressure than I’ve had in most hotels!). It was also decorated beautifully… am I ever going to stop sharing photos of it on instagram? Probably not. Did it finally convince my husband that we should use that beautiful mid-sage green colour in our house? Abso-friggin-lutely! It was the perfect escape from everyday life.

During our stay we had pretty much every type of weather. In the sunshine we could see across beautiful rolling hills dotted with ponies, hens, sheep and cows. It was the best view to wake up to, and in the evening the farm glowed in the most beautiful golden sunlight. We also had some pretty epic thunderstorms. I don’t know about you, but I looooove falling asleep to the sound of rain and thunder! The cabin provided the perfect cozy shelter to hide from the stormy weather and tuck up in bed with a cuppa. Bliss!

One evening, when the drizzle had subsided, we took a drive to a little beach near to where my husband grew up. The first thing I said to him when we got there was…. HOW HAS IT TAKEN YOU 7 YEARS TO BRING ME HERE!?! His response was that he never really realised how beautiful his hometown was. I guess that’s always the way, right? I remember when I lived in Bath during my university studies I only actually visited the Roman Bathhouse the week before I moved away! I was so focussed on my friends and my studies that I didn’t fully appreciate the beautiful city surrounding me. Sometimes, I think the hustle and bustle of everyday life gives us tunnel vision, and being forced to slow things down and stay in one place kindof removes the blinkers and allows us to appreciate where we live. Maybe that’s one little positive nugget that we can take from the giant ball ache that is this awful pandemic?!

Although the majority of our trip was spent visiting family, we took one day to explore the Pembrokeshire coast and it really felt like we were on holiday! We walked a 10km loop around the coastline and inland through some farms (sticking to public footpaths of course). In one field there was a herd of cows gathering around the exit. I started to panic a little bit, after my friend had told me about her sister getting a horn through the arm on a walk once. I relayed this story to Aled, and told him I was worried about an angry bull. He reassured my they weren’t bulls (his family are dairy farmers so he has grew up around cows), and he gently moved them out of our way so that we could get to the gate. After escaping the field without being impaled or shat on, he quietly went “they were bulls, actually”. That, my friends, is the perfect example on when a white lie is absolutely okay. Anyway, enough of my cow drama, LOOK AT THESE VIEWS 😍

Well, writing this post has given me a new hefty dose of the post-holiday blues 😭 . I’m wondering if we might be able to fit in another little staycation sometime this year! Any recommendations ?!? Lemme know!


  1. So beautiful…..i absolutely love the rolling hills of Wales. I wish to oneday visit again. That glamping sounds great esp with the weather changes….a hot cup of tea…and some rainy weather makes for a nice sleep 😄🙏 Great post


    1. Thank you Celly! It was such a cozy cabin – the perfect place to shelter from a storm 🙂 Wales is beautiful – its such a great place for long hilly walks!


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