I’m currently sat on my sofa under the coziest blanket I own, with two snoring (and dreaming – twitchy paws!) kittens either side of me as the snow falls outside. I was perusing the internet on my laptop …which led to me placing a somewhat extravagant madewell order… and clicked my way across here, to my blog. I was surprised to see I’ve had a steady stream of visitors, despite having hardly posted this year, so thank you ! This blog is mostly my online travel diary, but of course travel hasn’t been possible for a little while now. On the one hand, I’m itching it get back out there. I bought books by my favourite travel photographers, and have a new list of trips I want to take. But… I have to say… lockdown has taught me to find happiness in the little moments at home. I’ve really enjoyed our slow weekends, with faffy brunches, long country walks and Gilmore Girls marathons. I hope you’re doing okay, and that this year things get better. Anyway… after that waffle… here’s a photo dump from a recent countryside wander and some snaps of our new living room (which isn’t quite finished, but is getting there!).

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